Mindful Floristry

can be a salve to the soul both healing and inspiring


care and kind attention is given to the growing, harvesting or sourcing and arranging of each flower

of is given toMindful Floristry

for giving of flowers to overcome sadness, celebrate joy……

flowers marvel of life

We hope you are able to take pleasure in appreciating flowers and enjoy their diversity and unlimited possibiliteies that they present every day.

Mindfulness is the mental state of being calmly and consciously aware of what is happening in our body and mind, as well as in our surrounding area. Stemming from ancient Buddhist traditions and practices; increased mindfulness can help us improve our mental clarity, concentration, emotional flexibility, empathy and tolerance whilst also reducing stress and rumination.

Meditation is, perhaps, the most common method to achieve mindfulness, with experts suggesting that we sit still, focus on our breathing and allow thoughts to come and go without judgement. However, there are many ways to practice mindfulness, and one which is proving increasingly popular is gardening.

We’ve all experienced the pure peace and tranquillity which comes with gardening at least once – when beautiful flowers make their first appearance of the year, when the light wonderfully bounces off leaves and when the air seems to emit a warming, welcoming glow. Losing yourself in gardening during these wonderful times can bring you close to absolute mindfulness bliss.




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