Cut Flower Care

  • Thoroughly wash and rinse chosen vase.
  • Fill vase with fresh water and stir in flower food.
  • Using a clean, sharp knife or secateurs cut at least 2cm of each stem at an angle. Blunt scissors could close the stem. Please do not crush stems.
  • Remove any foliage which may be in the water, about two thirds, it is not just the bottom of the stem that takes up water.
  • Please do not leave your flowers out of water for more than two minutes after you have cut them. The bottom can dry very quickly and form an air bubble.
  • Place in a cool position, avoiding direct sunlight or drafts.
  • Check your flowers daily and refresh when necessary.



DO NOT place flowers near fruit.

DO NOT use a metal container to put flowers in. (We put plastic sleeves in all our metal buckets!)

TAKE CARE berries and lily pollen will stain.