Floweringi is enchanted by flowers and is captivated by their beauty, scent, symbolism and feelings they provoke.   Floweringi practices organic floriculture; flowers and foliage are lovingly tended in rhythm with the patterns of the moon and without the use of chemicals or pesticides.  Biodynamic preparations and teas are used alongside companion planting to help keep our blooms disease and pest free. The garden is a haven for wildlife dancing to birdsong.  Flowers bought in are sourced from growers that respect our environment.

Song of the Foxglove Fairy

“Foxglove, Foxglove,
What do you see?”
The cool green woodland,
The fat velvet bee;
Hey, Mr Bumble,
I’ve honey here for thee!

“Foxglove, Foxglove,
What see you now?”
The soft summer moonlight
On bracken, grass, and bough;
And all the fairies dancing
As only they know how.

Cicely Mary Barker

Image shows Digitalis Sweet Dreams growing in the Flower Garden.